"A Lucky Break" 
          ...and Then Another!!!


Robyn's Story

In 2003, a huge, bright, shiny white truck ran a stop sign from behind the trees and never even saw her rollerblading on the pedestrian path one beautiful Saturday morning in Miami, Florida. A "Lucky Break", because if he had emerged only a second later, she probably wouldn't be here to tell this story.

 A "Lucky Break"??!! She now had a broken arm, pain and discomfort, a new full-time job, a hectic social life, 2 busy children, a home and 4 dogs to care for, now at half the speed when she needed to go twice as fast. Every ordinary task became an ordeal, and to add insult to real injury, she felt ridiculous wearing an ugly, uncomfortable sling. In addition, the fracture got worse because the bone needed to be securely immobilized, so not only was the sling unsightly and uncomfortable, it wasn't working. In the meantime, she still had to work, attend social events, get her children to school and run her home.

 So what does a socially active, fashion forward, busy working mother and entrepreneurial American woman do when she has to attend a black tie affair 10 days later? She designs a beautiful black sling in soft comfortable material with gorgeous sequin trim and wears it with her very chic, black strapless gown that evening. No one realized it was a sling, and Sling Couture™ was born!

Fashion Medical Accessories became a new category because everyone wanted to look good even if they were injured and we were the first to make beautiful, comfortable high quality products. Our tagline became “BEAUTIFY YOUR POWER OF HEALING”.  During the Swine Flu epidemic in 2009, in addition to slings and cast covers, Robyn began to make beautiful N95 Fashion Face Masks.  Other products followed and in 2010 we became COUTURE BRANDS USA, with the motto “BEAUTIFY YOUR POWER OF LIVING”!  To this day, Robyn and Sling Couture hold 4 US Design Patents.

Fast forward to 2020. When the current pandemic hit, Robyn received calls from previous customers, vendors and distributors who all wanted to know if we were still making the masks. We are! They are not N95 masks this time. The CDC does not recommend N95s for the general population and wants our national supply to be reserved for medical personnel and First Responders who need them the most. The CDC recommends face coverings for the general population to protect us from each other and these masks are designed accordingly. We are currently waiting for FEMA approval.

They are competitively and affordably priced. Currently, acquiring the best quality fabric is difficult to source and factories able to produce items during this shutdown can be a challenge. Well, we have the fabric and are geared up and ready to accept your orders! Our factory, here in the USA, has been qualified by the government as an essential service and has been converted to make these particular items during the Covid 19 crisis. We have been working with them for years as they made all of our Fashion Medical Accessories so we know that their quality is first class.

Robyn's business background contains experience in various capacities in the medical, European designer retail, art and international real estate industries. She is well-known in business and social networking circles all over South Florida, and has supported and served on the Boards of many important charitable organizations over the years. She is also an avid and accomplished Country and Ballroom dancer!

We look forward to serving you! After all these years and through difficult times, we are still here to "BEAUTIFY YOUR POWER OF LIVING!" May you all stay healthy and safe!

With thanks and deep appreciation for your unending enthusiasm,