Sling Couture Fashion Mask - Youth

SLING COUTURE™ has developed the product millions have been waiting for!  Our Fashion Face Masks change a normally unsightly medical mask into a beautiful fashion statement!  Have you been wanting to wear a medical face mask to protect yourself in crowded places or when travelling, but dreaded feeling foolish in public?  Here is The Answer…gorgeous designer medical face masks for men and women in amazing luxury fabrics that are comfortable to wear and actually look great on the face!  Once again,  SLING COUTURE™ has found a way to provide medical function with designer fashion!

Protect yourself and be elegant and stylish at the same time!

SLING COUTURE™  Designer Face Masks

  • They are proudly Made in the USA!
  • They are a cotton/polyester blend, very light and comfortable to wear
  • They are re-usable
  • They come in a large variety of colors, and we can also make them in custom fabrics/patterns/designs. Prices may alter for custom work.
  • They are machine washable
  • The fabric is treated with an Anti-Microbial technology which prevents odor and growth of bacteria, fungi and mold. This is VERY important
  • The fabric is a MAX-DRI moisture management technology for a quick dry fabric which keeps skin dry   
  • They are latex-free
  • They are competitively and affordably priced!

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